Horizon has been a major provider of wellsite geological and technological services in the geothermal industry for over 30 years. We made a commitment decades ago to support this wonderful source of clean, renewable energy.

Very few wellsite geologists have the breadth and depth of experience of Horizon’s staff. This is a unique pool of talent and knowledge. In East Africa, Central America, Indonesia, New Zealand, and the United States, we have seen wells in a great variety of sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks.

Horizon and its staff have worked on scientific drilling projects for DOSECC (Deep Observation & Sampling of the Earth’s Continental Crust), Los Alamos National Lab, Sandia National Labs, Utah FORGE, and the U.S. Navy Geothermal Program Office, as well as with commercial partners like Ormat, Fervo, Polaris, KenGen, Eavor, Top Energy, NTGA, and others.

We are proud to be the leader in this field. Horizon is participating in the success story of geothermal energy by providing geological and technical expertise.

Monterey Formation

The Monterey Formation has been a prolific oil producer in California. Understanding the formation and its potential requires advanced geological knowledge and skill. Complex lithology, stratigraphy, and natural fracture regimes are parts of the challenge.

Proper evaluation of hydrocarbon shows by mudlogging geologists is crucial. It is much more difficult to log than most other rock formations. Rigorous training by our senior experts and methodical adherence to standards have been the keys to our continuing success with the Monterey.

We have the expertise and experience in the Monterey Formation and have specialized in it for decades.

Oil & Gas From Shale

Horizon geologists contribute to the effort to recover hydrocarbons from shale. Our extensive familiarity with the Monterey Formation has led to development of special expertise identifying, describing, and evaluating shale zones that may be capable of fracture-induced production.

The clues are revealed by the drilling process and evident in cuttings, but they are subtle indicators easily missed by less knowledgeable and conscientious geologists.

We have a long and successful record of participation in innovative, productive projects.


Horizon’s geologists have worked on 18 platforms off the U.S. west coast, from the Los Angeles Basin to the Cook Inlet, plus jackups, semisubmersibles, and drillships in previous times when exploration was important. We have worked as consulting wellsite geologists and mudlogging. Some of our staff have also worked offshore in the Arctic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and Indonesia.

Horizon can provide a pressurized explosion-proof cabin with integrated complete rig instrumentation.

High Pressure

Horizon’s geologists and mudloggers have had abundant exposure to high pressure drilling environments. We know how to detect and cope with demanding circumstances.

  • Gas Wells:
    Primarily in Alaska, California (Sacramento Basin), Oregon, and Washington. Few experiences are more exciting than drilling ahead with 21ppg mud, unless it’s drilling on the flanks of an erupting volcano!
  • Geothermal Wells:
    Both kicks and fluid losses are much more likely on geothermal wells than oil and gas. Our wealth of experience in geothermal drilling enhances our perception and reactions to pressure situations.
  • Relief Wells:
    We have been there. When you need the best, call us!

Lithium Exploration

At Horizon, we understand the critical importance of accurate data and analysis in the success of lithium drilling projects. With the growing demand for Green Energy and power storage, Lithium has become a vital resource for our future. Horizon has provided mudlogging and wellsite geology for multiple operators researching and developing brine deposit lithium exploration.

Our highly skilled and experienced professionals possess in-depth knowledge of the geology, geophysics, and geochemistry specific to lithium-rich formations and brines. We use accurate tools to detect differences in the brine, and XRF analysis using elemental ratios to determine potential production zones for lithium extraction.

Our staff leverage their expertise to meticulously analyze and interpret drilling samples, well data, and formation characteristics, enabling the operator to gain a comprehensive understanding of the lithium reservoirs.