Wellsite Geology

The presence of a wellsite geologist is invaluable on many drilling operations. We can provide a qualified senior-staff wellsite geologist to perform management level tasks on behalf of the operator. This function can be independent of, or in addition to, Horizon’s logging services.

The number of truly expert wellsite geologists is limited. Our geologists bring a wealth of experience, in most cases with decades of observation and intervention on critical exploration drilling prospects. They command hard-to-earn respect from onsite drilling personnel, and know how to achieve geological objectives while cooperating with drillers.

The geologist will monitor mudlogging and wireline logging services and geological information from all sources, direct drilling activity from geological perspective, recommend, implement, and supervise geological operations in the field, communicate and report to Operator’s personnel and wellsite personnel, interact with information-privileged parties such as investors and political authorities, and participate in evaluation and operations decision processes, such as selection of casing and coring points, log and evaluation services, and final total depth determination.

Formation Logging

Horizon specializes in expert mudlogging with surface instrumentation and careful geological analysis at drill sites. Horizon is a premier mudlogging company globally.

Standard mudlogging service includes our sophisticated mudlogging units manned by two logging geologists covering 24 hours per day. We can provide digital and printed mudlogs and reports in a variety of formats and styles.

Real-time drilling parameters can be viewed for all wells through our user-friendly HorizonWells website. Even interpreted entries such as lithology and descriptions are available in real-time.

Equipment includes wheeled laboratories, skid-mounted cabins, pressurized A60 offshore cabins, winterized Arctic cabins, and specialized core-handling cabins. We use high-speed Flame Ionization Detection chromatographs (<30 second C-5 cycle), with Mass Spectrometry as a secondary option. We can provide ancillary equipment such as XRF, calcimetry, and digital microscopy. Complete rig instrumentation including Class 1 Division 1 and 2 rated equipment is available.


Horizon Well Logging, Inc. is the leader in steering horizontal wells in the western U.S. We have worked on over 1000 horizontals.

Many of these wells present the most challenging situation in wellsite geology: fast drilling rates requiring rapid analysis and reaction. We can make the difference between a highly productive well versus a useless hole.

Hazardous Gas Monitoring

Horizon has the equipment and experience to help cope with hazardous gas exposure.

  • Class 1 Division 1 wireless gas monitoring systems for SO2, H2S, CO, and CO2
  • Rigwide light and sound alarm systems
  • Certified H2S safety trainers
  • Handheld H2S and other gas detectors
  • S.C.B.A. 30 minute airpacks
  • Experience with drilling rigs in oil, gas, geothermal, and research programs, drilling with mud, water, mist, foam, and air.

Real-Time Data

Real-time drilling parameter and mudlog data access is available for all wells logged by Horizon. HorizonWells provides fast and secure web access to a variety of wellsite data sources, including real-time instrumentation data, daily drilling reports, mud reports, mud logs, and other log types.

In addition to all major desktop web browsers, HorizonWells supports smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices, with no download or installation necessary.

Communications Systems

Horizon employs certified expert satellite dish installers and offers several internet access solutions including cellular connections and Starlink satellite internet. Horizon provides wireless rigcoms and mesh networking.

Horizon can process data from a variety of sources and present it in printed logs, electronic data files, and in real-time automatically updating presentations on the internet.

Rig Instrumentation

Horizon Well Logging has the greatest versatility in the industry for handling rig instrumentation. We can provide rig instrumentation and Electronic Drilling Recorders upon request, and our operations support:

  • Input from our own RigSystem state-of-the-art rig sensor suite
  • Input from third party services such as Pason™, Totco™, Rigwatch™, Forum™, Technodyne™, and LWD providers
  • Input from innovative data acquisition solutions for unusual drilling environments

We maximize the value of rig instrumentation by assembling, presenting, and communicating all available wellsite data.

The Value:

  • Real-time drilling optimization
  • Safety
  • Resource evaluation
  • Archiving & analysis